World Designer 1992-2010 the most luxurious safes in the world

BALVE High Tech Safes, Germany, are more than a safe place to keep Valuables. They are a real piece of art and designed to be 'exhibited'. As such this represents a revolutionary concept and a true challenge to security -mastered by our product. Known as the most exclusive safes in the world, Balve High Tech Safes come in a range of different shapes, configurations, colors and most luxurious Materials such as 24 carat-gold, sterling silver, platinum, precious stones and exotic Leathers for the interior. Some of them designed and decorated by world famous artists. Made in Germany, the gorgeous Balve safes are not made to be hidden!

As Owner & CEO of BALVE-HIGH TECH Safe, GERMANY with its impressive client list (it boasts some of the wealthiest people on the planet), Balve is certainly privy to some highly sensitive information and knows how to keep a secret. With nearly two decades of experience in the safe business in her native Germany and as the former international director of STOCKINGER Safes Germany, (until the dead of Mr. Stockinger,2000) She transformed successfully first the Brand Stockinger from a national german to an international brand. This by changing their complete set up, marketing and business strategies with a focus on the Top 100 of the World in Europe and the Americas. (2,5 more turnover) With her own company and brand BALVE - High Tech Safe with head offices in Munich, Germany, Honored as the Highlight of the INDEX Exhibition of the Year 2006 (Nr.1 Design Exhibition in the Middle East) Sabine Balve expanded with a sales and trading offices in Dubai, UAE (2005) for the Middle East market until Nov. 2010.

The Fascination of Protection - The Fusion of High Tech & Elegance - When Fantasy takes Form - The Core of Confidence - First Class Customer Support - Widening own visions, desiring the impossible, exceeding the limit but yet kept grounded by a friend - Welcome to the World of Balve High Tech Safes.


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