Author of World Energy Conference Agenda and Facilitator of MOU (01 Aug.2011 - 20 Jan.2012)

Dubai Government with World Energy Forum, MOU sign on January, the 20. 2012 (left Sabine Balve)
Under the Patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai will be the venue for the World Energy Forum 2012 (WEF), which will take place for the first time outside of the United States.

World Energy Forum 2012 (

Representative of World Energy Forum, New York and Sole Facilitator for WEF, Forum, Dubai, UAE
(01.August 2011 – 31.January 2012)
Successful Planning, Preparation and Presentation of Conference & Exhibition to Dubai's Authorities, Government and leading Sheiks of the ruling royal family of Dubai, UAE.
(Agenda, Conference, Exhibition, Event and Marketing Plan)

Major Achievements:
Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister & Vice President of the United Arab Emirates & Constitutional Monarch of Dubai, UAE.
Sole/+Successful MoU Preparation & Negotiation (August 2011 – January 2012)
Sign of MoU with Government of Dubai, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (January 2012) and i secured their generous financial support for this Forum as Sponsor and Main Partner

'Voluntary Hours' for a Nobel Cause ...
thru Updates received by Dr. Helen Caldicott
+ updated thru VICE PRESIDENT of ALL nuclear reactors in Japan and others, during Fukushima Nuclear disaster (march 2011) i spent more then 3.000 hours to set up Emergency Think Tanks (globally) to search URGENT solutions with international scientists for Fukushima
August 2011 i got contacted from NY + asked to facilitate the Energy conference, there was NO time to lose as of the urgent situation of Fukushima, i simple did it!

"The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (福島第一原子力発電所事故 Fukushima Dai-ichi was an energy accident at the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, initiated primarily by the tsunami of the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011. The damage caused by the tsunami produced equipment failures, and without this equipment a loss-of-coolant accident followed with three nuclear meltdowns.
I was FIRST hand updated already at the second week about this meltdowns & about the tremendous health impact for the northern hemisphere. The releases of radioactive materials beginning on 12 March. It is the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and the second disaster (after Chernobyl) to be given the Level 7 event classification of the International Nuclear Event Scale and the primary reason for me to be the sole facilitator for an EMERGENCY ENERGY Conference in Dubai. I financed ALL upfront (6 months of 24/7 up to 18 hours work of my onside office in Dubai) for this MOU negotiation, since the NY based NGO had no budgets and no knowledge"
-H.E. Madame Sabine Balve, Founder and President World Leaders Forum Dubai 

Appreciation Letter of the NY, NGO for the great work Madame Sabine Balve has delivered “voluntary”

Dr Helen Caldicott, Emergency Pressconference about Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
Nuclear Facts by Dr. Helen, her speech + our exchange had motivated me go in upfront with all payments of the MOU
for the World Energy EMERGENCY Conference 2012 in Dubai,UAE. As a Global Citizen feeling that we need to protect the health of our children and families especially at the northern hemisphere effected by Fukushima, catastrophe in Japan.  ABOUT: Dr. Helen Caldicott: Awarded 21 honorary doctoral degrees
nominated Nobel Peace Prize
Australian Peace Prize for longstanding commitment to raising awareness about the medical +environmental hazards of the nuclear age
named as one of the most influential women of the 20th century


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